Hanako™: The All-Natural Solution For A Healthy Crown

Hair loss has always been a fact of life. Be it caused by genetics or environmental factors, people of all ages and genders must come to terms with the eventual decline of hair strength and vitality. This is turn causes breakages, tangles and worst of all; shedding.

Finding a possible remedy to this age-old problem can be difficult, expensive and time consuming. That is, until Hanako™.

Hanako™ protects your scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. Say goodbye to all your hair troubles today.

Keep Your Hair in Bloom With Hanako™

Responsibly farmed around the beautiful Flower District of Kyoto, the cherry blossoms used in Hanako™ contain a rich extract that easily revitalizes the scalp and protects individual hair strands.

Hanako™ is an abundant source of caffeic acid that protects the scalp from free radicals and slows cellular death in hair, keeping the tresses healthy and thick.

What Hanako™ Can Do For You
Able to deeply penetrate the hair and roots, improving hair quality and keeping the scalp from drying out.
Promotes growth of hair from scalp and prevents breakages and hair loss.
Easy absorption
With a light formula, Hanako™ is easily absorbed into the hair without leaving any grease behind.
Suitable for all Hair Types
Hanako™ has undergone extensive testing to guarantee that it is safe to use with even the most sensitive of scalps.
Cruelty Free
In keeping with tradition, all ingredients are carefully and organically farmed. Hanako™ has received vegan certification and has been approved for use by leading organizations throughout US and Europe.

Directions For Use

1. Wash and dry hair.

2. Apply Hanako™, focusing on the scalp and tips of hair.

3. Allow five to ten minutes of absorption.

*Always do a patch test to assess your risk for allergic reactions. If no side effects occur, proceed to use as directed. Discontinue use if rash, redness or irritation develops.

**For best results, complete three bottles as full treatment.
User Reviews
My scalp started getting dry and flaky when I was young. This started causing my hair to fall out in clumps to the point where I was scared to even brush it. It’s been years and I tried seeing specialists and doctors to no avail and was even told to shave my head! My aunt recommended I try Hanako™ and it took only a few weeks before the flaking stopped and my hair stopped falling out. For the first time in years, I’ve been able to keep my hair long and I’ve never been happier. My hair feels so soft and luscious and my scalp doesn’t itch anymore. I can’t recommend this highly enough!

Elizabeth Sanders, Age 52

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I’m a competitive swimmer and the chlorine in pools have wreaked havoc on my hair. My hair is always so dry and brittle and every product I’ve tried left me feeling greasy and oily instead. I’ve had to keep my hair cropped but I’ve always envied my sisters’ beautiful, silky hair and all the styles they can put their hair up in. I saw Hanako™ online and thought I’d give it a try. It’s been a month and the transformation has been unbelievable. It’s so easy to manage my hair now and it feels as soft as a feather when I run my fingers through it. Our entire swim team has started using it as well!

Anna Santos, Age 18

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I started losing hair pretty early on due to my medication. The other men in my family all have thick hair and I’ve always felt ashamed standing next to them. I’ve tried every cure in the market and all it’s done is burn a whole in my wallet. I’ve resigned myself to wigs and toupees when my cousin shared Hanako™ with me. I was doubtful but gave it a go anyway. That was a month ago. Today, my hair is thicker than ever before and there isn’t a scrap of grey or white in it. I feel like a whole new man! I really recommend Hanako™ to anyone with hair issues.

Daniel Hammond, Age 45

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